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The Corporation was started because in the early 1980's, "sampling" was emerging in the Music business. It spread to the Motion Picture business quickly.

Sam J. Kopetzky II has been in the Motion Picture Sound business since the early 1950's. If you've seen any "L-O-W Budget" pictures of the late '50's or '60's you have probably seen his name on the credits for either Production Sound Recording or Re-Recording Mixer.

Somehow, in the late 1950's he ended up working on four of the infamous "ED WOOD" films, including the "...Plan 9" movie. (Dale Knight has the "Screen Credit"-Sam worked on the "pickups")and "Orgy of the Dead", "One Million AC/DC","Wicked West" and "Night of the Ghouls". He did alsmost all of the "Arch Hall" films and many others (which are on file at AFI)

He also did Peter Bogdanovich's first picture "Targets", which was released by Paramount.

Sam's PictureHe also worked on "Hells Angels's on Wheels", with a then young Jack Nickolson.

Later, he worked for Orsen Wells on "An Evening with Orsen Wells" for Avco-Embassy, and has done Production Sound and/or Re-recorded over 200 Features, Commercials, Shorts, Live-Television Programs, HI-DEF Television and ENG.

He has edited 50 films and been a DP on 5 or more shorts and two features and Directed 40 shorts and one feature ("2069AD"). Also, has built and operated two small Film Laboratories. He has also been a Gaffer, Key Grip, Best Boy, Generator Operator and Chief Electrian.

He has built and Engineered Video Editing bays, has editied 50 or more Video movies and industrial shorts. Also holds an FCC 1st Class Commerical license for 45 years.

He traveled up and down the State of California when Ronald Reagan was running the first time for Governor. He also recorded all of Reagan's radio and television spots during before his first election.

He also covered RFK for the CBC before he ran for the Presidential nomination.

In 1983, he went into the Video Sound business, and is now retired but returning for many reasons, to the "L-O-W Budget" film business, because many have "terrible" sound tracks even with the great Microphones in use today! In almost EVERY film that he has recorded the original sound tracks, ON the set, there is virtually NO LOOPING in post production!(even on "Wind" or "Rain" pictures However, he is NOT GOD)

"Student Films" are great enjoyment for him, you should download his Resume`(below)
He has done many Video shows, both digital and analog. If you have a video production in future, call him about recording the sound for ANY video production.

Particularly with "First-time" Directors......

A QUESTION answered......"Why do some Sound men know more about making motion pictures than some Directors?

It's simple really. If you have been a Re-Recording Mixer, as I have and an Editor, you know what is needed in Post Production.

Because at the "Final Mix" everything must come together as ONE . The sound is now PART of the picture and not apart as it started out. This is why Post-Production budgets are sometime larger that the production, in student films mostly.

The Sound Department works WITH the Director, to get the best sound possible NOT FOR the Director.

We work FOR the Producer, to save him/her Post-Production dollars, when the Production is in the can.

I have recorded over 200 Features in the past 50 years, that statement is arrogant, but it is said to give the Student Film Maker confidence that his/her Production Sound Track will be of Professional quality with the least ADR necessary.

I get calls from Producers who say "Talk to my Director about the technical aspects of the show", This is not his job, but mine, his job is to get the performance on film, on time, and hopefully under budget.

My job is to "hang" with him and make the Director's life easier, with my technical knowledge and years of experience...

I hope you understand that I have YOUR best interest at heart and want to save you time and money.......

You may listen to 4 RAW production clips, by pressing the button(s) below. These clips have NOT been altered or equalized in any way.(Turn up your speaker volume as the tracks is not "High Level")

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For Video Productions:

"Yes, Virginia, we do have AUDIO backup"

With a Nagra Pulse backup and we supply a CD-ROM of the tracks for your video editing backup
(We can make a CD-ROM of the Production Track instead of a DAT?

Feel free to call and talk over your Production Sound problems anytime!

For Motion Picture Productions:

You have three choices:(Each priced differently)

1. I use a Nagra IV PULSE, Mono, Analog Recorder to record the Motion Picture Tracks.(You can';t tell them from Digital, except the Dialogue sounds better!-cheapest)

2. A Nagra timecode type recorder which is still analog but is not designed for "portable" use. (we must have 60 Hz power source-not cheap)

3. An "AUDIO" DAT with time code on one channel and the Sound track on the other. (This is also not Portable at the moment-medium cheap)

What to see My Resume?

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